Frequently asked questions

What temperature will it be?

During a flight, the air temperature is approximately the same as the temperature on the ground. However, since we are flying at the same speed as the wind, we don't feel the wind, which often makes it feel hotter in flight than on the ground, not to mention the heat from the burners.

So, dress normally according to the outside temperature. For flights at the end of the day, it’s a good idea to bring a jacket or sweater for after landing.

How fit do I have to be?

Anyone who is able to stand for the duration of the flight can take a balloon ride. We even have gondolas specially equipped with seats for people with reduced mobility. Special arrangements must be made in advance

The flights are not recommended for pregnant women, or anyone who has undergone a recent medical intervention.

Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to fly.

What is the distance covered?

It depends on the wind speed. Since a hot air balloon moves only with the wind, the distance covered can vary from only a few kilometers in light winds to more than 20 kilometers in stronger winds. On average, we travel about 10 to 12 km.

Will we get vertigo?

To feel vertigo, there must be a connection between the ground and the place where you are (a ladder, the roof of a house, etc.). Since the balloon is not attached to the ground, there is very little chance that you will suffer from vertigo. The majority of people who are convinced that they will suffer from vertigo do not suffer from it in flight. Since the beginning of our operations, we have never had to land to let down a passenger who was not feeling well.

During the flight, the basket is very stable. Since there is no sensation of movement, you will feel very comfortable from the moment you take off.

Can I help?

If you wish, your pilot will invite you to participate in the preparation of the balloon and its storage after the flight.

At what altitudes will we fly?

Sometimes we will fly so low that you can touch the treetops, sometimes so high that you can take in the full beauty of the Richelieu region. For most of our flights, the balloon floats between 500 and 3 000 feet. As the wind speed and direction can be very different from one altitude to another, your pilot will choose the most appropriate altitude to give you the best experience according to the conditions of the moment.

At what age can you fly in a balloon? What size?

Although a hot air balloon is very appealing to children, the experience of a flight, involving standing still for almost an hour, is quite a challenge for them.

For this reason, we do not recommend hot air ballooning for children under 6 years old. Also, children must be tall enough to see over the basket (about 42 inches or 105 cm).

What about our friends who come with us if they don't fly?

They are welcome to assist or help with the preparation and launch of the balloon. During the flight, they can also follow our chase vehicle with their own car, and join us at the landing for champagne.

What happens in case of bad weather?

If the weather conditions do not allow for a flight on the day you have chosen, you can reschedule your flight to another date of your choice. Because we are weather dependent, in rare cases we may have to cancel the flight at the last minute and sometimes even just before take-off. We do not compromise when it comes to ensuring your safety.

How many people are onboard?

The number of passengers on board depends mainly on the reservations for the day and the balloons used. We use balloons with capacities ranging from the smallest, 3 adults or 2 adults/2 children, to our largest with a maximum capacity of 8 passengers. However, the gondola of this balloon is divided into 4 compartments each holding 2 passengers.

However, the real capacity of a hot air balloon is not calculated in number of passengers, but rather in maximum load weight. That's why, when you make your reservation, we will ask you the weight of each passenger.

Is it dangerous?

Statistics prove that hot air ballooning is one of the safest air sports. Safety is our priority and we do not compromise on this.


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