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Captive flight

Whether it’s to identify your company during a convention, to pique people's curiosity and entice them to take part in a popular gathering, to distinguish your event, or simply to underline a family celebration, we offer you the possibility of having a hot air balloon on the site of your choice in tethered flight. Our balloons can be personalized with your logo, your name or the slogan of your event or company.

In order to perform a tethered flight, you must have access to a grassy area of at least 200 sq. ft. that’s free of obstacles.

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Aerial advertising

Because of their beauty, their size, and their grace, hot air balloons naturally attract the eyes of young and old alike.

Whether it’s during a flight over a densely populated area, or during an aerostatic festival, a hot air balloon guarantees tens of thousands of image impacts and distinguishes your brand thanks to a flexible and efficient marketing tool.

Balad'Air, for the originality of an outstanding media.

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Become a hot air balloon pilot

You want to become a hot air balloon pilot? Balad'Air can help you realize your dream.

However, you should know that a hot air balloon is a registered aircraft, governed by Transport Canada's aviation regulations and that an aviation license is required for those who wish to fly a hot air balloon.

The flight course, divided into 2 parts (theoretical and practical), leads to obtaining the aviation license and touches on several areas such as:

  • Aviation regulations
  • Communications (control tower, crew, owner relations, etc.)
  • Meteorology (map analysis, understanding forecasts, etc.)
  • Hot air ballooning (nomenclature, practice, etc.)



It is difficult to estimate costs accurately, as it all depends on how quickly you learn, how long you spread out your practical training, and what equipment you have available. If you have to rent a vehicle, a trailer and a balloon, your investment will be much higher than if you own all your equipment.

To give an order of magnitude, allow $6,000 to $10,000 if you don't have a hot air balloon, $3,000 to $5,000 if you do.

Training duration

The practical and theoretical portions of the course should be done simultaneously, and in the shortest possible time in order to avoid losing the knowledge you’ve acquired. You should plan for 15 to 20 practical flights, in addition to the hours of theoretical lessons and studies. If the weather conditions allow it, and if you have a lot of availability, a training course can be completed in 2 months.

Health and restriction

You must obtain a medical certificate attesting to your good physical condition from a doctor authorized by Transport Canada.

Our role

Did you appreciate our professionalism during your balloon flight? We offer you the chance to become a pilot with the same rigor. Marc Bégin, owner of Balad'Air, has been a pilot since 1995 and an instructor since 2005. Contact us and it would be our pleasure to take the time to answer all your questions.

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566, rang de la Montagne
Mont-Saint-Grégoire (Québec) J0J 1K0

Note: This is the address of our offices. There is no flight from this location.

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