Prepare your flight

To be well prepared

Here are the essential elements you need to know to get ready.

Meeting times

Our meeting times for your flight vary throughout the season. For a morning flight, we meet at sunrise. For a late-day flight, we meet about 3 hours before sunset.

View times

At sunrise, or 3 hours before sunset

Meeting points

You will be notified of the meeting point to report to when we confirm your flight

Quality Hotel Parking

For a GPS address, use 200 MacDonald Street or postal code J3B 8J6

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Vergers Denis Charbonneau parking lot

575, rang de la Montagne
J0J 1K0

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Rona Iberville parking lot

85, avenue Conrad-Gosselin
J2X 0A1

Make your itinerary

Mont-Saint-Grégoire Community Center parking lot

45, rang de la Montagne
J0J 1K0

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Take-off park at the entrance to the St-Jean Airport

22 Chemin de l'Aéroport Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu J3B 7B5
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Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu bus terminal

700 Rue Boucher, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC J3B 7Y7

Don’t have a car?
It’s possible to make a special arrangement.

How to get there

Make your itinerary
Flight confirmation

You’ll receive a call from us to confirm if the weather is favorable for your flight.

For a flight scheduled for the end of the day, this call will be made between 2:00 and 3:00 PM on the same day as your flight.

For a morning flight, this call will take place between 8:00 and 9:30 PM the day before your flight.

During this call, we’ll confirm the meeting point to be used, and the exact time you should arrive.

You must make sure you arrive on time, as the meeting point is not necessarily the take-off site. Our team will pick you up from the meeting point to take you to the take-off site. 

If the weather is unfavorable, we’ll plan a new flight date with you.

Weather required

A flight can only take place if the winds are light and there is no risk of precipitation.

How long will it take?

Allow at least 3 hours between your arrival at the meeting point and the return to your car. 

To realize your flight, which will last about 1 hour, our team has to drive you to the take-off site, give you a safety briefing, and then assemble and inflate the balloon.

As the balloon only moves with the wind, our landing place may be some distance from our initial meeting place.

After the landing, we will recover and store our equipment and transport you back to your car.


The temperature during your flight will be about the same as the temperature on the ground.

Therefore, you should dress according to the expected temperature on the day of your flight. 

You don't need your scarf or winter coat if the temperature is expected to be 20 degrees Celsius. It will only be 1 to 2 degrees cooler at altitude. However, since we operate at sunrise and sunset, these times of the day are often cooler.

However, we recommend good walking shoes and comfortable clothing, similar to that used for hiking.

What to bring?

The basket of a hot air balloon is a small space. Bring only the essentials, but don't forget your smartphone or camera.

Reservation/Cancellation Policy

Reservations can be cancelled by notifying Balad'Air at MINIMUM 48 hours before the scheduled time of the balloon ride. In case of cancellation between 5 and 48 hours before the scheduled flight time, a late cancellation fee of 20% of the value of your ticket or gift certificate will be charged to keep it valid. No cancellations can be made within 5 hours of the scheduled flight time. Cancellation within 5 hours of the scheduled flight time or the absence of the passenger on the day of the flight will render the ticket or gift certificate null and void. It is important to understand that if you do not respect the above cancellation deadlines, or if you do not show up for your flight, your ticket or gift certificate will be considered used and will have no value.


566, rang de la Montagne
Mont-Saint-Grégoire (Québec) J0J 1K0

Note: This is the address of our offices. There is no flight from this location.

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