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Sharing the dream
of a balloon ride

After having tasted the magic of a balloon ride, I dreamed that one day, I would let others savour the intoxicating sensation that overcomes us when we let ourselves be rocked by the winds, literally floating in the air, skirting the landscape that passes before our eyes.

In 1994, I realized this dream. After buying my first hot air balloon and taking my pilot course, I founded Balad'Air, which has since shared this unique experience with thousands of people.

Today, I invite you to come and share this dream with us.

Marc Bégin, pilot


  • We were nervous about being 5000 feet in the air in a wicker basket, but it was amazing! Smoothest flight we've ever been on!

    Daniel Cardogan

  • It was an awesome experience! We loved it! It was so cool and amazing to look down! Best trip ever! And we had the prettiest hot air balloon in the sky!!!

    The Rubin's

  • The best journey of our vacation in the sky of Canada. Wonderful, amazing, interesting!!! Super viaje, una grande experienca!!!

    Olivia Sevilla from Guadalajara

  • What a beautiful experience. Very nice and professional people. Would come back again anytime. Thank you so much.

    Linda Lasorsa

  • Thank you very much for this wonderful experience! I will never forget it.


Our equipment

Our hot air balloons

C - FDJU Our biggest hot air balloon, 180,000 cubic feet, for a maximum capacity of 8 passengers.

C - GWKM Our latest addition! A 105,000 cubic feet hot air balloon that can comfortably accommodate pilot plus 4 adults, or 2 adults and 3 children.

C FDPK Our “Little Yellow” as we like to call it, also a 90,000 cubic feet hot air balloon. The twin brother of our big balloon emblazoned with the same colors. Its capacity: Pilot plus 3 adults, or 2 adults and 2 children.

C - FNVY Our 90,000 cubic feet red balloon, ideal for a private flight for 2 and perfect for a small family of 4.


C - FAIK Our school balloon. With a capacity of 77,000 cubic feet, it takes onboard 2 light passengers. This is why it is solely dedicated to the training of our students.

Our special equipment

  • Our 8 passenger basket features 4 separate 2-person compartments to ensure your comfort and privacy.

    Note the space available for you in our biggest hot air balloon.

  • With Balad'Air, it's our equipment that raise the most burdensome loads, not our passengers! View of our boom with winch, lifting our 8 passengers gondola (900 pounds).

    Our red balloon gondola can be configured with a bench (upon request only). Ideal for people with reduced mobility.

Our distinctive trailers

Each balloon has its own trailer with its picture on it for easy identification. When you come to take your flight, this will help you identify us at the different meeting points.

  • Truck and trailer of our 8 passengers balloon.

Our partners


You can count on us for a safe and memorable adventure. Your pilot holds an aviation license issued by Transport Canada, and our hot air balloons are inspected and maintained according to the requirements of aviation regulations.

Additionally, you’ll be surrounded by a competent team, some of whom have over 20 years of experience.

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566, rang de la Montagne
Mont-Saint-Grégoire (Québec) J0J 1K0

Note: This is the address of our offices. There is no flight from this location.

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